Wim Hof got his nickname “The Iceman” after he broke a number of records with regards to resisting cold.
Some of his feats include climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in shorts, climbing Mt. Everest past the dead zone in nothing but shorts and crampons, running a half marathon above the Arctic Circle on his bare feet, and standing in a container while covered with ice cubes for more than 112 minutes. 

Wim is convinced that our bodies are capable of doing the same exceptionally things his body allows him to do.
Therefore, he has developed his Wim Hof Method that gives ordinary people the tools to take control over their body. 

Jason PSYCHO Suttie 

Det kræver et stort hjerte når man kun er 1,82 høj og går fra Mellemvægt til Super Sværvægt.

  • 2001 WMTA World Super Heavyweight Champion
  • 2001 WKBF World Heavyweight Champion
  • 2000 WKBF World Cruiserweight Champion
  • 1999 WKBF World Light Heavyweight Champion
  • 1998 ISKA World Super Middleweight Champion
  • 1996 UTC World Super Middleweight Champion

Miša Bačulov

One special man. With a big heart for fighting and fighters.  

Partner in Ronin Carnage Global Stricking System

Wim Hof aka The Iceman

Daria Albers is a professional kickboxer, MMA fighter, Muay Thai practitioner, psychologist and mind coach in Ronin Carnage Global Stricking System.

Wim Hof Method Weekend Workshop Romania.


I just arrived home, back to wild wild Bucharest, away from nature and the fear of diving in the freezing river. At the beginning, I thought that I will not connect with anyone and it is going to be a weekend by myself in the corner. Little did I know... I already miss all of you. I will always remember my first true cold experience. B, you viking, you are truly motivational, man. Vali... words cannot express my gratitude for the changes you have brought to my life. Everyone, whenever I will feel stressed, whenever something will make me feel mad, I will always think of those seconds when we all breathed out and we dived in in the cold river, holding each other in a circle; for me, it was a moment when time stood still and inner peace was "fully in". ❤


I registered for the Wim Hof Method Weekend with high expectations and enthusiasm, but my expectations were blown away.

The weekend was 100 times more awesome and 10 times harder than I expected and it helped me blow away my limits and find my inner peace.

On the other side of the ice bath, there is always serenity.

Valentin and Birger complemented each other amazingly well.

Vali was backed up by scientific explanations and an iron willl to destroy our comfort zone, while Birger was very spiritual and motivational and helped us find our inner peace and conviction.

Most of all, the group was amazing. I can honestly say that I got a lot more than I expected and it was probably the best experience in my life!

Thank you guys so much for helping me make so many updates and face my deepest fears! I love you ❤


I loved everything and every moment of this wonderful experience! Accommodation was brilliant, food was fabulous, the company was top of the class, and the instructors were above and beyond! Everyone was so nice, good-willing, available and helpful, and I can't thank you enough for the good mood I'm in, and the amazing memories I have! I don't feel pushed, I pushed my limits, but I was given the option to stop at any point. Going in the river as a group, is both challenging and very rewarding, you depend on others, just as they depend on you, and after 2 minutes in the water, you're not shaking, and you're full of energy, just like the others, that's the reward! B you're an amazing coach, your voice is so special and full of power during the breathing exercises and the ice baths, but that comes second because mainly you're great person, with a golden heart, keep doing this, you're such an inspiration. Vali I think you already know how much I admire you and how grateful I am for everything you tough me! A huge thank you goes out to eveyone! My only question, now, what's next?


Wim Hof Træning for Vinterbade Klubben Bryggen.
Hvordan takler man sin største frygt -  Head on.

Wim Hof Træning for Vinterbade Klubben Bryggen - 

It's all in the mind

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